Your presence in the web site will allow your work to be known by more than 4000 publishing houses, animation studios, producers, adverting houses and galleries in 61 nation in the world (see the list). Creativity helps you in this patient work of communication.

Creativity has the following purposes:
- to promote contacts and collaborations with publishing companies, studios, agencies and art galleries without intermediaries, in Italy and all over the world.
- to make visible and to bring out the users’ skills and abilities, through all the means at disposal of Creativity’s staff
- to update in real time contents and proposal of your creativity, always in contact with the needs of the market.

Registration free

As soon as we receive the acceptance you will have the right of use as registered to the site.

How to registrate to the site

Step 1:
You will find the “user login” in the homepage: click on “register now” and insert your data in the registration form. In order to proceed to the complete registration to Creativity it’s necessary to authorize Studio Caba & Chesi to the treatment of your personal data, according to The Privacy Policy Law no. 675/96

Step 2:
After the registration, an e-mail will be send with the only purpose to check the inserted e-mail address. This link does not allow to enter the personal page: it is possible to do it only by inserting e-mail address and password in the homepage (after you have confirmed your registration). Then you could insert or update any information concerning your profile and your works directly from your pc.
Each artist has the possibility to:
a) chose a specific category to enter in
b) write his personal profile both
c) upload 16 digital pictures in JPG format (550x412 pixels). For each one of your published work, it is possible to insert information about the used techniques, dimensions, format and so on.

Step 3:
Before being enabled as registered to the site, your works will be examined by Creativity staff and you will have to wait for the reply. If you are accepted your works will be uploaded. You will receive an e-mail; once it has been done, you will send a confirmation e-mail. Then your registration will be immediately activated.

Step 4:
The personal page with your personal profile and gallery will be activated by Creativity staff. Your name will be published in the list of the category you have chosen during registration and your works will be visible by everybody

Publishers who choose Creativity as promotion vehicle must contact the staff at the following address for information:

For more information:
Studio Caba & Studio Chesi
tel 0574 442669– Prato